You can avoid using Instagram with its new Quiet Mode: Examine how it functions

Suji Sugathan
Jan 25, 2023

With its Quiet Mode, Instagram hopes to get teenagers to temporarily put the app down and concentrate more on the outside world.

  • Quiet Mode is a new feature that Instagram just released.
  • Instagram is also introducing new options to filter recommendations on the platform. 
  • Quiet Mode on Instagram will help users concentrate more on the outside world.

Instagram strives to deliver as many services as possible to its users, and its new Quiet Mode is evidence of that. Instagram wants its users to put the app aside for a bit and concentrate more on the outside world with Quiet Mode. In addition, it is developing fresh approaches to content filtering to enhance the surfing experience.

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Instagram's new quiet mode is here to help you take a break from the buzz –  here's how to use it | Business Insider India

What is Instagram Quiet Mode? 

According to Instagram, Quiet Mode has been introduced to promote focus and to assist users establish boundaries with their friends and followers. When enabled, you won't get any notifications, and the activity status of your profile will become "In silent mode."

Additionally, whenever someone DMs you on Instagram, an auto-reply is automatically sent. This will make it clear to others that you are not currently using the app. The tool is designed to help kids concentrate on their schoolwork, but anyone may use it to increase productivity if they believe that Instagram is interfering with it.

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Instagram launches Quiet Mode; now turn the app silent when needed | Tech  News

"Quiet mode can be used by anyone, but we'll push teenagers to utilise it when they spend a certain amount of time on Instagram at night," states the policy. When the feature is switched off, Instagram will offer you a brief summary of alerts so you can catch up on what you missed. You can easily change the "Quiet mode" hours to meet your schedule.

Everyone in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will have access to "quiet mode." Soon, more nations ought to be included on the list. You may now filter Instagram material in new ways according to the firm.

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Instagram's new 'Quiet Mode' helps you take a break from the app |  TechCrunch

New ways to filter content on Instagram

Instagram also states that it will strive to avoid presenting you that kind of content moving forward in other places where it makes recommendations, including Reels, Search, and more, when you choose "Not interested" on a post seen in Explore.

Next, while you may already block comments and direct messages (DMs) that contain certain words, the feature is now being extended to include suggested posts that you might see on Instagram. A term or set of words, emojis, or hashtags that someone wants to avoid using can now be added, such as "fitness" or "recipes."

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Instagram's new Quiet Mode helps you stay away from the app: Check how it  works

With such terms in the description or hashtag, Instagram will try to stop recommending material that contains them. This is accessible in the Privacy settings' Hidden Words section.

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