Over 50% of the material cost of the Pixel 7 Pro is made up of Samsung components

Suji Sugathan
Feb 09, 2023

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones from Google use a lot of Samsung-produced parts.

The company makes use of the display panel, camera sensors, and connection components made by the South Korean corporation. Even the chip that powers the Pixel 7 series was co-created and produced by Samsung.

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The extent to which Google is dependent on Samsung for the parts used in the Pixel 7 Pro is revealed in a recent analysis from market research firm Counterpoint Research. The Pixel 7 Pro's LTPO OLED panel from Samsung Display is used in the mmWave model.

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Also, the phone has front- and rear-facing ISOCELL camera sensors from Samsung (System LSI). Samsung also created the baseband, transceivers, and power trackers for sub-6GHz bands in the phone.

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Furthermore, it makes available the mmWave 5G components it created with Murata. Samsung PMIC components are also used by the Pixel 7 series for power management and audio.

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ATL (battery cell), Sunwoda Electronics (battery packaging), SK Hynix (NAND Flash Storage), Samsung Semiconductor (RAM), Micron (RAM), NXP (wired charging), IDT (wireless charging), SEMCO (rear camera module), and Samsung Foundry are some of the other notable manufacturers of parts for the Pixel 7 Pro (manufacturing of Tensor G2 chipset). 

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