Do you own a Galaxy S23 Ultra? Keep an eye out for fish tanks.

Suji Sugathan
Feb 09, 2023

An advertisement for the Galaxy S22 Ultra that was released by Samsung around a year ago featured an adorable spider falling in love with the flagship device after mistaking its camera array for goofy spider eyes.

Samsung is attempting to capture lightning in a bottle once more utilising the new Galaxy S23 Ultra and the concept of fish love. It was adorable; it was successful. Can fish develop feelings for the S23 Ultra? or ever? Most likely not.

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However, Samsung's most recent Galaxy S23 Ultra advertisement makes the case that they do, and the main character of Cleaner Fish goes to great lengths to discover true love in time for Valentine's Day. However, how? What features of the flagship phone resemble fish?

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It lacks the gills, fins, scales, and other characteristics that only aquatic species have. It's understandable that the spider in last year's advertisement mistook the cameras on the S22 Ultra for her eyes, but what about the fish?

If we're reading Samsung's newest commercial with the golden Cleaner Fish correctly, the fishy lead falls in love with the S23 Ultra's wallpaper rather than the actual phone. To be more precise, the wallpaper that depicts a golden ornament, planetoid, or other spherical item that comes to mind to characterise Samsung's design.

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The main character in Cleaner Fish appears to think that the golden ornament is a fish egg that is ready for fertilisation, or so we believe. As far as the theory of fishes is concerned, it is suggestive. The new Galaxy S23 Ultra "animal love" advertisement doesn't make much sense other from that, either. 

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Certainly not as much as the spider advertisement from the previous year. Therefore, your opinion as to why this Cleaner Fish falls in love with the Galaxy S23 Ultra is just as valid as ours if you disagree with our theory regarding the fertilising of fish eggs.

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View the official video down below. You may pre-order the Galaxy S23 Ultra online until February 17 regardless of whether you have a fish tank or not, or if you believe that fish can fall in love. You might wish to check your local Samsung online shop for further information because some markets receive exclusive online-only colours. 

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