Weekly poll results: the Poco F5 gets showered with love, the F5 Pro proves less popular

Suji Sugathan
May 29, 2023

The purpose of the Poco F-series is to provide flagship performance at mid-range costs, as stated by one commentator on last week's poll.

Even though it falls short of 2023-level flagship performance, both F5 models achieve that.

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Weekly poll results: the Poco F5 gets showered with love, the F5 Pro proves  less popular - GSMArena.com news

Over half of the voters expressed interest in the vanilla Poco F5, making it the clear winner of the two; it is unusual to have such a good response. It easily defeated its Pro sister, as is seen from the Pro's own poll.

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The F5's criticism, which also applies to the F5 Pro, was to be expected.

Weekly poll: Poco F5 and Poco F5 Pro tempt you with great value for money,  do you want one? - GSMArena.com news

There was a contentious discussion on whether microSD cards are still useful, and some people aren't thrilled with the Poco/Xiaomi software or the associated update schedule (while others enjoy it just fine).

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Both F5 models lack a memory card slot, though. The vanilla F5 does at least have a 3.5mm headphone connector. About a third of participants expressed interest in the Poco F5 Pro, while others waited for favourable reviews.

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POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro colours, RAM and storage options tipped

Our in-depth review was published a few days after the poll went live; did it cause you to reconsider your mind?

Aside from the aforementioned criticism, the Pro may have overshot the pricing as it is close to a year old and is not a true flagship despite having a great QHD+ display, 4K/60 and 8K video recording, as well as quick wireless charging.

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Poco F5 Pro

Xiaomi's Poco F5 Pro will sell well, perhaps not as well as the Poco F5. A few commenters who had already purchased an F5 or an F5 Pro and were satisfied with their decision were visible.

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