Apple iPhone 15 in for review

Suji Sugathan
Sep 29, 2023

Not everyone requires a Pro iPhone, so the iPhone 15 is the best option for those looking for a small-but-powerful daily driver.

But during the previous few years, the basic idea started to feel a little stale. The form factor has been significantly revitalised by the iPhone 15.

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Go Inside the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro: See How the New iPhones  Look and Work - CNET

The USB-C port on the bottom gives the iPhone access to a wide range of universal peripherals that it previously lacked. The other update aims to modernise the underlying model.

The Dynamic Island transforms the 15 into something new and cutting-edge, not to mention interactive, as opposed to the solid block that served as the previous notch.

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It is unfortunate that the otherwise fantastic OLED display is still limited to at 60Hz. A change to at least 90Hz would have been ideal because 60Hz robs the A16 Bionic chipset of the smoothness it would otherwise easily provide.

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The new iPhone 15 has a slim and plush feel. Its matte body, which avoids fingerprints, is spotless. The vibrant colours make it simple to choose the best iPhone for you.

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Apple debuts iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus - Apple

The 48MP primary camera is the biggest update left. This makes it possible to provide a trustworthy 2x digital zoom option to go with its ultrawide and wide.

Despite not being as substantial as an optical 3x, this translates to a 50mm lens, which is excellent, especially for portrait photography.

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Keep checking back because we have all four of the new models ready for review and will soon begin uploading them.

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